• NEW FOR 2016

    NEW FOR 2016!
    The Ali Baba, a spectacular magic carpet ride! For more information, click here.

  • NEW FOR 2016

    NEW FOR 2016!
    The Bear Affair, a ride the whole family can enjoy! More Info

  • Elliott's Amusements Midway

    We carry rides for ALL ages!
    Elliott's Amusements operates a wide variety of kiddie, family, major, and spectacular rides. To learn more about what we have to offer, click here.

  • All Out Fun

    All out Fun!
    We specialize in creating memories for families. Learn how we can help create memories at your next event.

  • Night Lights

    Fun - Day or Night
    The fun goes on day or night! Find a local event near you by clicking here.

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Bio Diesel Fuel
More on Bio-Diesel
Click here to learn more about Bio-Diesel

Another project Elliott's Amusements is taking on is the fuel crisis.

Soybean biodiesel will be used in our generators that power the midway and in the trucks that move us over the road. We believe that biodiesel and other alternative fuels are the way of the future and will help make us less dependent on foreign oil.

Let our farmers produce our fuel. Makes sense to us!

  • Fuel made from soybean oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Domestically produced
  • Pleasing exhaust smell
  • Renewable diesel fuel
  • Cleaner burning fuel
  • Reliable diesel fuel
  • Reduces dependency
  • on foreign oil
  • www.biodiesel.org
  • www.michigansoybean.org