About Us

Who We Are

Family FriendlyFor over 20 years, Elliott's Amusements has served the state of Michigan at many varied events. We specialize in providing family entertainment in a safe, clean and exciting atmosphere. The midway has something for everyone. Our goal is to provide fun for the whole family... memories in the making. We hope to see you at one of our many fun-filled events.

Safety and Maintenance

Covid-19 Safety

Elliott's Amusements, LLC  is a family-owned and carnival operating in the State of Michigan.   We operate at 25 fairs and festivals in Michigan each year providing a safe, friendly and appealing atmosphere.   The health and welfare of carnival employees and guests on the midway is our top priority in reopening our industry.   The procedures and mitigation strategies presented below have been recognized by our industry for protecting carnival employees and guests from potential exposure to COVID-19.   By minimizing contacts, promoting social distancing, and increasing cleaning protocols and sanitization, we can welcome guests back to the midway experience safely.


At Elliott's Amusements, safety is our number one priority!  

We are state licensed and inspected on a yearly basis. Our insurance carrier sends out a private inspector periodically. The rides are also inspected daily by individuals in our employment that carry "special inspectors" cards issued by the State of Michigan. Reports are filled out and kept on file for 3 years. Our employees are required to attend a safety-training program and are updated on any manufacturers changes. Our safety record is one we are proud of. We are fully aware of the precious cargo we carry and we promise to take care of them.